Brian Blessed!

Not so long ago, I illustrated a picturebook and App called 'What Will I Be?' with the lovely people at Digital Leaf.  It's the first in a series of picturebooks written by Richard Sinclair, gently exploring the relationship between a dad and his child, the questions that arise and the answers given.

As it happens, I'm just finishing working on the second in the series as we speak, 'Where Will I Go?' and when it came to arrange the narration for the App version, we decided that this time we wanted to push the boat out and get someone wonderful in.

We each sat down and brainstormed wishlists of talent, and they were no holds barred great lists. I think mine was about 5 names long and contained names like Stephen Fry, John Hurt, David Graham (The Wise Old Elf) and Richard Ridings (Daddy Pig).  Sadly I had no choice but to leave Richard Briars and Oliver Postgate off, but I feel I need to mention them here, because their voices are the sound of my childhood.

We were surprised (though perhaps we shouldn't have been) to find that one name made an appearance on all our lists; the incredible Brian Blessed and we were even more surprised when he agreed to work with us.  As a result not only will 'Where Will I Go?' feature his rich, sonorous tones but he re-recorded the narration for 'What Will I Be?' as well.


I'm still a little bit giddy about this, not least because Flash Gordon was one of my favourite films as a kid, but also because he is an incredible human being whose adventurous spirit and achievements resonate with what we've tried to capture in these books.

'Where Will I Go?' will be out in the new year, in boardbook and App form, and we'll be updating the narration in the existing 'What Will I Be? app as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, here's a doodle of Vultan.  Hurray! :¬D