Macwaverly, Macwaverly, there's no one like Macwaverly...

When we first got Edward Waverly, our cross eyed rescue centre siamese tomcat, we were a bit unnerved to discover that he came with a problem. Soon after he arrived, an assortment of strange objects began to appear in the house, a stuffed toy chaffinch, a brown tea towel, a fluffy bright pink golf club cover...and when we found a pet blanket wedged halfway in through the cat-flap, it became painfully apparent that we had a thief on our hands.

We tried to find out who the objects belong to and returned them where possible, with mixed results.  An Ugg boot belonged to a very nice lady from the house behind ours (we returned it three or four times before it stopped re-appearing), a slipper belonged to our next door neighbour (her daughter ran into Edward as he was coming down their stairs with it and screamed), but we never managed to find out who the toy lion wearing the miners retirement fund sash belonged to. Or for that matter the pottery snowman christmas tree ornament.

After twelve months or so, perhaps feeling that he'd done enough for us, Edward Waverly finally stopped bringing us presents, or at least the things he brought us started to conform to the normal cat standards of offering, such as a pigeon, a magpie and a blackbird.

We, and presumably the neighbours,  breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Then last night we found a baby's bootie on the livingroom carpet...

Edward Waverly