Books Books Books!

Bampton library is tiny.  Perched between two roads in the very heart of the town it can't be more than twenty feet square.  As with any library though, inside it contains whole worlds.

As an author and illustrator, seeing the child jump gleefully into the printed realm is a joyful experience and our frequent trips to discover new books has become something that we both look forwards to.


The librarians have made the place a welcoming and vital social hub for the town. In these times of austerity it's important that people don't have to make a long and costly trip to the libraries in Tiverton or Dulverton.  This little library makes books convenient and accessible.  It provides a place where people can get help to use the internet to reach the wider world.  It encourages our children to read and more importantly to enjoy reading.

Bampton is richer for it.